Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome to my new look!

Well, you won't get this effect if you use a Feeder to read my blog... so get on over 'ere and see the changes! (just this once)

First, I set about making all the flowers (from scratch) and added layering and effects to them so they were sort of scrap-booky. I'm not a scrapbooking gal, not heavily into it, for there are other addictions that sap up all my time and a lot of my creative productive time along with them. But by nature, I would for SURE be right into it, given half a free day here and there each week.

Then, I created the background. A filter here, a gradient there, whack in some overlaying and... well, perhaps I ought to think twice about my betrothal to Russell because I tell ya, Photoshop would give 'him' a run for his money, actually.

I'm so excited, I've never pushed myself to stick at getting a design done for my blog. But I got all inspired and spent last night and some of this morning on it, tweaking it (fiddly little things! it took quite a bit of playing around to get it looking spiffo for min and max screen sizes and resolutions) and now, why, you can even go to my business website by clicking on my logo in the top left corner - hey, every other bloggy background designer does it, so why not add a little free advertising for myself, right?

Ahhhh. Now I can pay attention to the other 4,002,367 things needing to be done.

Unless..... one of you tells me something's NQR with it. Can you all see it okay? Is it doing anything weird? Wait. Maybe it's best I don't know.... No, tell me!

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