Monday, March 30, 2009

One of the down sides to creating a love of soy milk

Idle soy gossip:
"Ooooh that's terrible!"

"Mm-hmm, and then they stood me down. Told me they didn't need me anymore. I'm out of a job!"

There is, I have discovered, a down side to attempting to switch the LGBB from cow to soy milk by way of cutesying up the longlife containers..... She formed a bond with the first little "Bonsoy milk man".

By the way, looking for THE BEST tasting soy milk? (stay with me, people) You've gotta try Bonsoy! I swear, you can hardly tell it's not dairy.

Anyway, I decided to introduce Lolly to the new container by making it talk. She has been so used to pouring from the cows milk carton but I've been lazy in getting us both back onto soy. Being the fraidy-cat I am, I didn't just give my toddler the benefit of the doubt and I created a voice and a personality for the little container.

Little did I know that the wide-eyed LGBB would form a bond so great that there were heeeuge tears the morning I broke it to her gently that a new container was coming along because the first one was finished. I wasn't allowed to throw it out. I had to even put the empty one back in the fridge door with the new one - looked at sideways by a dubious Lolly as to its character and dependability compared to her beloved Bonsoy friend - and I went to great pains to let her know that they would do a "milk transfer" and the new one would fill up the old one.

Sigh. Pant, pant. Would it work? I cut the second one and didn't even think twice, assuming I'd be able to make a simple switch. But no. You can't get anything past them can you?!? Apparently, the second one looks shifty 'cos she was not buying any of it.

I am pleased to report that I have since managed to do a shifty change several times now. The trick? Keep the "voice" the same! Silly me had used a higher-pitched hoity toity voice that first time I cracked open a new container. When will I ever learn?

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