Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Talkin' It Up...

This thing gets funnier every time I see it, I swear.

It's a Saturday Night Live clip feature Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (one of three that have aired since 2003 on the show), playing brothers Gibb - Barry and Robin - on the fictional The Barry Gibb Talk Show. One can imagine... the real thing (if it existed) might just go something like this, with the slight air of submission from the younger brother and the evidence of the older's alleged anger problems and inability to let the "good old days" go *wheeze-snort*

And as usual, here's a disclaimer: I happen to LOVE The Bee Gees so don't be thinking this is a dissin' post. This is just appreciation of good 'umour.

Every time I listen carefully, I catch more words to the song or the dialogue and... man, it just cracks me up. Steve and I have now started to sing the theme song to the show (you'll see what I mean and, oh yes, you can "thank" me later, after it gets stuck in YOUR pretty little heads) going about our daily grind. Example: yesterday doing the pooper scoopin' thing in the back yard after the dogs, I was humming the tune to my own made-up words:

Talkin' it up
On the Jazz n' Pep Talk Show
Pickin' up dog turds
In this ... crazy, crazy backya-ha-ha-haaard

Go on. See if you can stop yourself doing it too.

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