Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you Xanadu for fun or torture?

Olivia - aka Kira - can't believe the state of our living room

Snacks, mixing blue and yellow to make green, painting an egg carton to make a crocodile and Xanadu on the telly. The girl is in dark and rainy stay-home day bliss.

Xanadu has been an enduring favourite of the LGBB's. She loves her a bit of swooning to Gene and Olivia dancing a 1940's-inspired two-step.

But I have to ask you.... would you watch Xanadu with pleasure? I have to admit a guilty secret:  I just love the music in this. Especially 'Magic'. Nothing shameful in a bit of ELO. Twist my arm and I'll also confess to really liking 'Suddenly', but don't tell anyone. And okay, while we're at it, I'll admit to something else:  I used to want to be Kira. Scrap that, I used to think I was Kira. Nowadays, the acting makes me want to gag and laugh simultaneously. But for kids? Heaven. The LGBB can't get enough of it. So much so that, regular readers may remember, it's all she asked Santa for in 2009. What 3 year-old do you know has fallen so in love with an '80s music video on You Tube so much that they must have the whole singing, dancing extravaganza for their very own? And wants it above any other toy they can think of?

Here she is in her no-singing, lots-of-spinning, mostly-waiting cinematic debut, age 3 1/2 (to her credit, Lolly is waiting for her cue as one of the muses who unfreezes and comes to life in the wall mural..... again and again. She just had a lot of waiting to do, given that apparently she was the only one cast in ALL the roles of the sisters). Watch the unmoving facial expression of the one bemused audience member who's seen it all before. Over. And over. And over. During rehearsals:

I'm Alive! from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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