Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's the thing

There have been all sorts of thoughts flashing past my conscious awareness, my short term memory, call it what you will. And they're not enough to make a blog post out of, all on their own. And they don't fit together, really.

So I thought, stuff it. Here's a post of the grab bag that has been going on, in similar point form, in my head just in the past week. Feel free to ask me to expand on any of them.

•  I have learned, on this detox, to make some kick-arse salads. Sellable salads, they are! Mmmmmm. Salad.

•  Never rub your eye, even for a split second - in fact, don't put a knuckle near an eye - if you have gone anywhere near chilli flakes or chilli powder that day. Just.... don't.

• I LOVE that despite my gentle guidance to the correct pronunciation, there are a few persistent words that Lolly mispronounces. Namely, "constructions" (instructions): used in a sentence, "Where are the constructions, Mum?" and "Hopen" (open): used in a sentence, "Close your eyes and hopen your hands" which is what we are constructed to do 48 times a day, anytime she wants to show or give us anything.

•  Grapefruit = no. Just can't go there. Tried, failed. Done.

•  Ever since I was a teenager, I have been a bit of a wet sock where children are concerned. Any time I see kids learning or enjoying or discovering things for the first time, I tear up. Case in point: the LGBB's kinder at drop off time - the euphoria and pride about their own individual lockers with their names on them. I cry. Difference between teenager and now:  I'm not ashamed of being moved to excited tears that well up before I can stop them.

•  Love her or hate her (party or voice, whichever), I can't go past the fact that Australian PM Julia Gillard is a strong speaker. I like it.

•  I am officially now, after just 10 days, the lightest I have been in over two years - 5kg down. Go me!

•  I'm not missing coffee nearly as much as I thought I would. But I am missing the opportunity to have a glass of wine at night when I want one.

•  I think I can actually safely say, if I had to choose either coffee or alcohol to go without for the rest of my life, I'd choose coffee. Shock-horror! What a lightbulb moment...

•  Why did I promise to make a cake this afternoon with the LGBB for her Pa's birthday? Why??? I don't wanna. But you know I'm gonna, don't you? I'm weak.

•  Oh yeah, and last but not least.... I won the Kleenex Mums Blog Post of the Year 2010 this week. I am humbled, grateful and gobsmacked, frankly, that I won. But that does deserve a post all of its very own. And speaking of which,

Stay tuned, tomorrow is my 1,000th post!
And I have a give-away that you're going to want!

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