Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cake request

I have received a request from Steve this morning for his next birthday cake.

It's not an unknown fact that in this house, many a day has been squandered when I've been in the throes of  playing Angry Birds. I finally reached the end of the levels, found all the golden eggs and unlocked everything..... I'm not actively seeking any more versions of the game because I simply cannot afford the time right now. Once I start, I can't stop. Those smirking little green piggy bastards are my downfall and I must destroy them all using the yellow triangle birds, they're the most destructive... Oh. Sorry. Are you still reading?


Henyway, suffice to say, I'd adore a cake like this myself. But I'm not anywhere near this level of cake artistry. This is madness, sheer brilliance:

Courtesy of Mashable

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