Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've got a golden twinkle in my eye

I never thought my life would be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I'm beginning to see
A bit of good luck for meeee

Cos I've got a Golden Ticket.... to give away


One lucky person gets to take my ticket, now that I have won one as part of the prize for being voted Kleenex Mums Blog Post of the Year 2010 from the very generous Aussie Bloggers Conference Platinum Sponsors, Kleenex Mums.

This is the absolute last ticket you'll find up for grabs. And it could be yours. So this is your chance!  I mean, who wouldn't want to go? Check out these sponsors, once again. We're talking great networking, friend connecting and.... my personal happy-place joy of joys about things like this.... Catered Food!!! Oh yeah *slow head nod* Now we're talking.

Now, this is my 1,000th post -- on this blog, anyway (I got about half way there on my old blog - phew, I like to talk!) -- and as such, I've decided to throw a virtual partay!

Here's what you have to do to:
1.  Submit a comment below to enter the givewaway comp.
2.  If you want to leave a comment but you wouldn't be able to make it, just put a "No" at the end. Similarly, if you want your entry counted, put "Yes" at the end. Just to make it clear.
3.  This prize is for the Day Conference ONLY (not the dinner, no accommodation or flights or anything else). BUT see #5...
4.  Now here's the clincher: In your comment, I want you to describe to me what present you are bringing to this fictional virtual 1,000 Post party. If money was no object, what do you think I'd most want? (Let's see how well you've paid attention to my 999 previous posts....)*.
5.  This just in from Brenda at MummyTime (and conference organiser extraordinnaire):  "And if your winner wants to upgrade his/her ticket to include the Dinner and Dance they just have to let us know asap. They can email us at"

If you are kicking yourself because the conference sold out and you were late to the AMB community - or you were umming and ahhing and by the time you decided you'd like to go you realised they'd all been nabbed while you were deliberating - then 

Scrub your cheeks!
Comb your hair!
Shine your shoes!
Brush your teeth!

There's not a moment to lose! 

Get thinking and submit a comment here by 8pm next MONDAY 28th. The winner will be chosen using, so it's a true lottery.

And if you're already coming but know someone who missed out, send 'em over! More the merrier. And please help spread the word by retweeting and Facebooking this profusely all weekend to help the net reach wide. How excitement! I hope this is about to make someone in our community very happy :)

 * Don't worry, no matter what you bring, your vote will be counted. I'm just messin' with ya and interested to see if you're imaginative gifters. That, and Steve's always keen for some gift ideas he doesn't have to think of for me.

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