Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Mass Attack of excitement

It is with great pleasure and huge excitement that I announce.....

I have a sponsor for the Aussie Bloggers Conference next month!

I couldn't be happier to have Mass Attack on board to help me get there.

Mass Attack's founder is a sentimental favourite of mine. In fact, Naturopath Narelle Stegehuis was my very first client way back when I quit my job to have Ella in 2003. Needless to say, Narelle was instrumental in keeping me afloat (emotionally and in a foundling business venture sense) that first year - she cheered for us on the sidelines when I managed to keep that pregnancy and I was actually under her care in the early weeks, and then was devastated for us when our NICU journey came to its abrupt end in 2004. We remained in contact in a business sense until the birth of the LGBB in 2006.

In the intervening years, Narelle's business has expanded beyond my small at-home business capacity. But I am very excited to say that there will be regular articles here with interesting facts and tips from Narelle and her team of dedicated naturopaths. I'm so proud to share them with you, dear reader(s)!

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