Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Social Symmetry

My work is consuming me at the moment and I am carefully balancing it with being home with Lolly - she is increasingly bored and particularly testing of my patience these holidays.... and I read with dismay (for her and me) last night that she doesn't go to kinder properly until MARCH!! Days are staggered until then, during Feb.... oh Lord, please help us both - so I have been (probably not exactly notably) absent from many of the blogs I usually love to dip into and read. I'm surprised I have been able to post anything on my own blogs. But I need to do that, it's like my salve, my little back-to-me space, in all the madness of my various jobs.

Anyway, I wanted to point you over to my other blog - if you're so inclined - because I have posted something there that I am currently sitting with (cocooning myself in, really, in order to remain professional, unemotionally involved and untangled) and the words may just be useful to some of you reading, too.

Catch you again soon!

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