Friday, January 7, 2011

How can this happen?

I was gone from the computer for barely 24 hours. Driving home tonight, I was thinking about Lori's blog and how I looked forward to that little jellybean banner across the top as I waited for the FYBF post to load each week.

Now, of course, the dogs are unfed - pacing around me impatiently as I type this - and thank goodness my own family is not here for I cannot concentrate on them right now. I appear to be unable to think past the news that immediately hit me upon sneaking a look at Twitter. Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I expect to read that Lori's husband is fighting for his life in ICU. Less than 48 hours ago, we were chatting! Sharing quips (and tweets)! How the hell could something like this happen????

The answer, of course, is that it does. It can. And it will continue to. I just get so complacent sometimes with everybody I know, taking for granted that they and everybody they know, will all remain healthy and ever-present in my life, nothing ever changing. Logically, of course, I know this is simply not the case.

It can happen as quick as a click of your fingers and then..... the person you once were is all of a sudden... gone.

The blogging world who now rallies around Lori and supports her young family - solely relying on Tony for their income - is forever changed. This is where we can see what group consciousness can do to effect change, on a global scale. It doesn't have to be reported in the media to be a groundswell of force that immeasurably alters how we live our lives. If you are so moved (and/or have the means), I urge you to make a donation to help ease at least some of the immediate term financial burden - the Donate widget is on the right at Kristin's blog. Of course, money only goes so far, though. All the money in the world can't remedy some circumstances. I only hope and pray, along with pretty much everyone I've checked in with so far since arriving home, that all Lori needs in the end is a bit of financial assistance.

By now, it will be quite obvious to Lori and her family that they are dearly, dearly loved and cherished. Together, you have lent a voice today to a collective that I am so humbled and privileged to be a part of and bear witness to.

Please join the Aussie Mum Bloggers as we linky up in support of Lori for Kristin at Wanderlust's special FYBF:

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