Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bloggy silence

In everything I am doing since finding out about Lori's husband, Tony, last night, I find I have them in the front of my thoughts (Lori updated her post earlier today). A loss of appetite is a sure sign to me that I am required to concentrate on this respectfully and do all that I know to do, from afar.

Right now, scores of people across the blogging world are doing their own bit in their own way, in the same united show of strength and support for the Purple House. Marketing To Milk has initiated a call for bloggy silence and, to me, it fits perfectly with what I am intuiting is the correct thing (for me) to do. I hadn't planned to do any more posts due to that exact thing... but I guess this one more time is for just cause.

It feels correct (for me) not to write, as writing is an expression of me – and I don’t want to be focused on ‘me’ right now when my positive thoughts and all my spare energy are required there. I remember all too well the pain of watching people, oblivious as they were, outside the hospital window, chatting and laughing and flicking their hair and enjoying the sunshine.... when inside, in that stark neonatal department office, my world was rubble.

So. While it doesn't mean my life is not going on and I'm not reading things elsewhere away from this community (and getting on with life away from the computer), I can't with clear conscience carry on with any sort of posts here - the place where I house my 'online voice' - until the situation for Lori's husband and family becomes clearer. 

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