Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Photo-Bomber returns

This is a chair. 

It's a very deep-seated, comfy chair. I won it on Ebay the other week. It needs a good scrub and a change of cushion cover and then it will be good as new. Well, as close to good as new as a forty-year-old chair can get.

This.... *sigh*..... is Jazz.
Jazz doesn't like camera flashes. Obviously. However, she does
love herself a good photo shoot. 
If you have ever met Jazz, you will know the reason for my sigh. Even our builder, who was onsite here for about six months during the extensions, got to the stage of greeting her with an exasperated yet affectionate, "Oh yes, hello, JAZZZZ." Because as annoying as she is, you can't help loving her. She shits me to tears. I still adore her. The time that builder accidentally let her escape (which you can read about here) proved it to me: I do love her enough to know I would desperately miss her joyous energy around the place.

Still, she can't help herself. Whenever she sees a camera, she owns it *snaps fingers in imaginary lightning bolt shape* And don't let this photo of her fool you. She is NOT old, decrepid, slow or docile. By any stretch. She is the most boisterous, bouncy, belligerent seven year-old dog I have ever come across. I blame it on the Labrador in her. And the me-me-me's she's got about her? I blame her jealous Kelpie streak.

Below is what happened when I tried to take a photo - just one, that's all I wanted! - of my Ebay score to show you the fabric I'm planning to use for the new cushion.

How do you think I went with that one then? Eh? I'll let you decide.

You get the picture.

But can you see the fabric?

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