Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She was there to sell makeup but the father saw more

What, pray tell, did he see beyond a scantily-clad boofie-haired gum-chewing loud-mouth saleswoman?

I ask you, what kind of irresponsible single parent could possibly hire someone to nanny his children on these few flippant facts:

She had style
She had flair
She was there*

That's all! That was the extent of her resumé and the basis on which she was hired. Apparently the girl they described, was just exactly what the doctor prescribed. Really?? For serious? He should have at least asked her to say something, because I'm sure that squawking would've changed Mr. Sheffield's mind.

Suffer the little children, indeed.

* Disclaimer: I do NOT watch The Nanny. I was just flicking past. On my way to the Biography Channel. Honest injin. And I only know the father's name because it's well quoted by Nanny Fine and has become like a catch phrase. Oh, and I only know her name is Nanny Fine because..... just because. But I swear, I've never watched an episode. Okay, well I've never watched a FULL episode. I'm going now.

This was originally posted on my old blog - the funnier one - on Sept. 11 2006. I keep bumping into these old ones as I trawl through looking for relevant posts to dig up for you on my Infertility & Loss page. Have you checked out the new ones there yet?

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