Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling a little sluggish

Isn't it always the way?

You get your blogging mojo back and then... BAM! Life gets in the way. Busy. Gets in the way.

So here I am, busy as all get-out, inspired up to the whazoo. And not a moment to write any of it out. Too much work going on, kids! Plus all the kindergarten work. My other unpaid job *grumble*

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In the meantime, would you kindly take notice of a little fellow who sent me a message tonight just as I was getting out of the shower. A slug. A tiny baby slug. For some reason, on the bathroom floor. Hopelessly lost, obviously, and probably trying like hell to find familiar territory as opposed to the cold hard alien tiles.

I stared down at this small creature as I towel dried my back. Why was it there? For some reason, my mind was focusing on the fibres of the towel on my back. They were so soft. The towel was so dry and comforting. I really appreciated it. I found myself slowed to a pace where I truly appreciated the fact that I was able to have a warm shower. With clean water. In a large clean safe shower. Inside a house. My own house. A safe house. I stood there as my mind then wandered to think out to those who aren't home tonight. Those in hospital, those unable to lift an arm let alone have a shower. I then gave thanks that I was standing. That I was in no physical pain. That I was breathing, blinking, moving.

It was quite the profound shower.

And so, this little slug guy. He sent me this message. He was so slow, so prominently brown on my pale bathroom tile, that I had no option but to take notice of what he had to say. I got dressed, came out, looked up Snail & Slug. In amongst my work, for me to share with you, was this. I'd love to hear from you if you have anything to share that comes out of this for you. And if anyone wants any further reading or connecting totems/mandalas, please contact me. Email is probably best.


A Snail carries its home on its back and is able to guard against predators by returning inside its shell. This is a reminder to you to be aware of your vulnerability and how to manage and protect your emotional and spiritual sensitivities. This could be a time to be more self-protective and withdraw within to shield yourself from interferences from the world’s busy-ness.  Ask yourself, what are you dealing with when you encounter a Snail (e.g. on your way to work or when you are cleaning up your garden etc), as this could show you where to focus your energy in a relationship.  Meditating with Snail could highlight how best to protect yourself from unwanted energies, especially those energies that try to prevent you from continuing on your pathway of spiritual service to humanity.

Snail energy is about the softer, more sensitive side of your existence.  It represents the gentle, strong heartfelt feelings of the inner child and the manner in which you need to house and protect those sensitivities.  Now could be time to withdraw into your shell to contemplate your situation.  Ask yourself if you are perhaps hiding from your spiritual responsibilities, or overexposing yourself to the fear-based ridicule of others.  Snail wisdom will help you not to be too discouraged in broadening and grounding your spiritual conviction, for as a Snail grows, it lays down more shell thus enlarging its entrance and its existence.  This suggests that as you grow in understanding you should expand and broaden your etheric space to make room for greater commitment.  As you expand this space of spiritual conviction, you should be prepared to be of service to humanity.  Just as the Snail leaves a trail wherever it travels to help it over rough ground, you can leave a trail of good example for others to follow.  This will require your strength, courage and will power.  

Incidentally, when Snail energy connects with the energy of Horse, you will be further supported in your spiritual quest.  An understanding of the Snail and Horse will assist you to master your own vulnerability courageously.  There is an often overlooked partnership in spiritual lore that provides complete understanding of how best to weather the storms of life while remaining committed to being of spiritual service.  The spiritual sustenance which Snail and the Horse can provide is able to carry you forward when you are faced with the ridicule of others or are assailed by your own suspicions that in some way you are being conned into doing something false.

Horse energy sustains you for the long haul while Snail energy contains and conserves your commitment by having your safe home always with you wherever you go.  As you journey onwards, both Snail and Horse wisdom are able to offer guidance so that you can contain your inner psychological stability and provide yourself with necessary shelter from the outside world’s harshness.

Key words: Sensitivity   Vulnerability   Strength   Courage   Home   Safety    Inner Child   Shelter

Connections: Mandala 57 - Shelter in the Paddock, Light Russet, Epidote, Sound Chord G minor

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