Thursday, March 17, 2011

You know you're getting close to a blogger's conference when...

1. You're about to leave the house to take your child to kindy, head full of distracted thoughts about what you have yet to pack and need to remember, when your husband points to your bare legs and says, "Uh... pants or a skirt would be good?"

2.  You put a load of washing on, containing your conference/trip clothes, and realise five minutes later that - flast and buckit - you did this last week. At least your clothes will be doubly fresh and clean.

3.  You're having a rethink and kinda wishing you'd kept the reminder of your dorky past to yourself.... Hey, at least you know now that if you see me acting all grown up and serious, it's just for pretends. 'kay?

4.  All your failsafe methods of calming your nerves have gone out the window.

5.  You wonder why you think of other bloggers as stratospheric superstars? I mean, I'd be less excited to meet countless celebs than I am to be meeting some of my favourite people. For serious.

6.  You're starting to have palpitations about what shoes you can wear, given the limitations due to that dicky big toe that you broke 15 years ago but that still gives you trouble and prevents high-heel wearage... Hey, at least I know first when the rains are a-comin'.

7.  You're beginning to gather all your directions, tickets, passwords and various technological devices together and working out connections. Note to self: Don't forget your cousin's phone number or you'll be stranded at Epping station like a lost puppy. A puppy with 3 suitcases and 14 pairs of shoes because it couldn't decide which shoes were going to be best.

8.  You've scheduled a post to publish long after you've already left for the airport so that by the time people read this, you're well on your way to Sydenay for a long weekend to remember. Huzzah!

9.  You become so rushed by everything converging in the last couple of days that, in your haste to cook your family a hearty meal so that they don't replace you while you've been let off the chain attached to the sink you're gone, you tip scorching hot water over both hands and down your front. Tip: If your partner stands before you handing you an ice pack and telling you to step aside so he can finish for you, take his offer of help immediately. Don't waste precious burning-hot skin time shouting profanities and telling him you are quite capable, thankewe, because clearly.... right now, you're not.

10. Come hell or high water, swear to yourself you'll not rush. That you'll pack and be ready to make the 5am drive to the airport so that you're not rushing around the night before. And then spend that last night ironing your patooty off. Just see if you don't. Mark my words.

See you at the conference! And to those of you not going - I hope you don't get sick of all the Aussie blogs (and one US one) that are likely to be blathering about all things conference for the next whenever. There are a fair few of you who I WISH desperately were going so we could meet *wail* but oh well.

Perhaps a time shall come to pass when we will. Maybe next time, it will be somewhere more central to everyone.

International Blogging Conference 
in the Maldives in 2012, anyone?? 
Who's with me?

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