Thursday, March 24, 2011

Business as usual

The cat tried to climb the security screen door and got stuck half way up - she may still be there, I still hear maowing. SHUDDUUUUUP.

Pepper is as stinky as ever and now farting loudly at my feet. I can't get away from her. She needs to be right at my side because she gets a bit disoriented/freaked out about where I've gone if she can't see me (we find her asleep in the strangest rooms when she's gone in there to try and find someone and, I dunno, has another attack of the old lady tireds)

And Jazz is being her usual belligerent self.

The LGBB isn't taking a breath when she talks at me and speaks single sentences that are five minutes long. Each.

I had a nice big fight with Steve last night. Over housework.

Yes. All is still facing Sunny Side Up in our Animal House.

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