Sunday, March 13, 2011

I need your opinions!

I need your opinion please. Always welcome, on all things.

Today, very important question....

Which paint colour should I use on my office exterior walls?? 

Our home is a green-tinted cream weatherboard with lovely dark green-grey accents. From the east side of the house, we will be able to look across the deck and see the office from all windows. So it has to be a colour that we're not going to be offended by in the near future. I am partial to red, as you may have seen if you were reading my blog back in the day (when we did the kitchen reno) but for those not familiar with it, here are some shots of my splashback:

It's a bit brown, it's burnt, it's a good red

So I had wanted to carry that red through to the back yard. I'm thinking this colour mightn't look too shabby. A nice, earthy brown-red. But I don't know if I should do a less "in your face" colour.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen this sort of red or another bold colour work well over a large area outside like this? Got any photos of it?? I was thinking perhaps a deep green. But think it might start to look too much "the same".

Here is the wall we'd be looking at the most - all those blue areas you see are what I have to paint. Given the muted greys/greens of the rest of the house, I want a really strong feature colour.

And no... we're not remotely interested in keeping the blue....

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