Monday, July 6, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #6

This one is a real goody. I am interested to discover that while this is the one that jumped out at me this morning, on reading I discover it isn't really anything I am currently walking through. In saying that, it is familiar and I can certainly recognise times in my life when it might have been pertinent to take heed with these meditative words.

Ruby, by name and appearance, to me is so gorgeous. My Grandma was a Ruby. Ellanor was named after her too. So if you have a Ruby in your life or feel particularly drawn to them (the stones or the people!), perhaps there will be something in this for you.

I also like to find extra meaning in the sectioning of some of the words in these things. The heading on today's Mandala, for example, is At-one-ment Wonder, which you could read as being in wonder with being "at one". Or you could also see Atonement in there, the definition is given (online) as thus:

1. satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
2. (sometimes initial capital letter) Theology. the doctrine concerning the reconciliation of God and humankind, esp. as accomplished through the life, suffering, and death of Christ.
3. Christian Science. the experience of humankind's unity with God exemplified by Jesus Christ.
4. Archaic. reconciliation; agreement.

So this is another great way to find more, deeper, truer meaning for you. Another way to use them, if you like, and not just read the words as they appear on the paper.

the colour of ...BRIGHT RED
the sound chord of …E suspended 4
the essence of...RUBY... Creates leadership of a joyful, divinely-oriented intent and enhances intuition and devotion. RUBY activates the affection, power, passion and majesty that remove obstacles and promote tranquillity and assists with compatibility and negotiation skills. It cheers and controls the passions and reconciles arguments. It dissipates bad dreams, grief, disappointment and melancholia, and eases disorientation and procrastination so that decision making improves. A stone of physical action and honour, RUBY is primarily connected to the heart chakra and stabilises the heart circulation. Beneficial when vitality is low, RUBY may be used for infectious diseases and fever as it strengthens tissue, preserves the body and your mental health, strengthens the eyes, nose, ears, pituitary and spleen. RUBY addresses aspects of the spine, thymus and coccyx that are associated with self-esteem, and focuses on distress associated with the father image.

The most difficult lesson of AT-ONE-MENT is learning to face a past experience that has created anger within you and then viewing that experience through the eyes of someone else, or from a larger, higher perspective.

This Mandala will highlight and surface the anger within you so you can adjust your self-worth to a better level of self-preservation. As the anger within rises to the surface (once again!), you can “eat away” at yourself and so become susceptible to experiences with similar energy in the present. These experiences will cause stress and ill-ease within you unless you are able to soften your shield with the feminine ability to be still and self-assured.

This Mandala will help you by giving your perceptions the discipline to look at what your present responsibility is, face what you must change, and relinquish what you sheltered behind (or hid, or suppressed) because you felt vulnerable. This will clear the way for a more positive kind of protection to enter your life.

The emphasis of this Mandala, then, is its fine balance of self-worth and the incomparable product inherent within that self-worth. What was once your “shield shell” will now become a “Lotus Blossom”, containing you above and beyond your past hurt and allowing your hidden anger, caused by past persecution, to blossom as a flower worthy of being preserved.

This Mandala and the experiences it addresses are aligned to situations of Leadership that demonstrate reserve and example. This means you are to lead by example. When you question if your actions are correct, or when you become stressed in trying to discern if they are, you will find that aligning with this Mandala’s “star”⊗ and concentrating on your own way of performing a deed, or expressing an example, will allow you to atone for your anger. It will allow you to alter your Altar by dedicating it to applying correct action to whatever the need may be.

This Mandala will help you separate the aspects of an issue. It will also help you find the quiet wisdom with which to lift others from a situation of inherent crisis and shift them into a forthright and positive stance. When you feel you are doing battle with a situation, you should avoid force and blunt pressure. Here, you are to attend to the creation of an embroidery, the design of which is strong in the fine detail of your stable initiative. Bright Red and RUBY will ebb your mere coping and give you the energy to preserve your walk.

Instead of seeing yourself as the only petal within the growth of the Lotus Blossom, view your life as just one of its petals. Better still, observe the “All-intended Lotus Blossom”! Remember, you are the Geisha’s Kimono♣. . .

⊗ If this Mandala’s “star” appears mobile and in need of healing, it will indicate that your adrenal glands are ill-affected, and that your physical energy, emotional temperament and lungs also require care.

♣ …and not the Geisha! The intimate and subtle relationship between the Geisha and her Kimono is steeped in ancient tradition so that one without the other is unthinkable. Nevertheless, the Kimono is the humble, though exquisite, garment that robes the Geisha, in just the same way that the spiritually orientated human intuition should clothe the energy of the Peaceful Warrior.

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