Friday, March 16, 2012

Change and growth together

Hello and welcome to post #1199! Add that to the 500 posts I published on my old blog and.... my goodness, you'd think I'd have ironed out the bumps by now, wouldn't you? But no. That's just the kinda fly-by-the-seat-o'-my-pants, unstructured writer I am. It's a curse, not a skill.

I thought I would use this post to make a couple of announcements.

1.  I am seriously investigating - those other times were just dalliances, forays into what was involved (read: all too hard to change platforms and for no real gain) - moving to a self-hosted Wordpress blog. *GAG-FACE* I KNOW! It's just that I have direction now, I have things I want to do, ways to make this a more useful place rather than me just spewing forth my words. That, and, they have the most amazing plug-ins and ways to make your blog look pretty that I can no longer pretend it doesn't make my designer/visual-eye's heart flutter to think of the possibilities....

This will be a very positive step forward, I think, for my blog's direction. But I want to give you ample time to fling yourself at my feet and weep "NOOOOO! Not Wordpress, no!" if you must. Are you pleased with this move? Or does it strike fear in the heart? Essentially, nothing should change - however, any of you out there reading this in a Blogger-connected reader (I really should be more knowledgeable about all this, but meh) who are concerned you'll lose track of me, please wave your hand at me and make yourself (and your concerns) known and I'll try and find a way to appease you too!

2.  I am very excited to be working on a project in conjunction with Sands Victoria which involves the use of my blog space. It will take a little while yet, but there's something in the works and it makes my heart feel full. In the meantime, here is my first call-out to any readers who have a parent (mum or dad) who has lost a newborn or suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth and who would like to share their story here (can be anonymous).  Contact me via email (details are in my profile or feel free to drop me a line on my Facebook page). Spread the word too! I believe stories are meant to be shared and love to hear about people, their interesting lives, how they survived, how they thrived... in any number of circumstances.

I, for one, would have dearly loved to learn first-hand from the older generation how they stepped through the loss of their baby. So if you know anyone who might like to add their voice, please do invite them to contact me.  I will be making a proper stand-alone post about it soon, but here's a precursory, toe-dipping call-out!

3.  Things are heating up heading towards the Digital Parents Conference. It's all systems GO here and we are receiving, surely, more boxes than a matchstick factory. They contain the incredible amount of swag on offer from companies who are all too happy to throw freebies at bloggers - there are 200 delegates, to be exact, and I am getting up close and personal with each of their swag bags as Steve and I are filling them.... in the sort of methodological, "boy" way you can imagine. I went my own way for a while there, just piffing stuff in - "The bag's huuuuge, there's plenty of room", said I, but Steve was right; proper stacking made for even more much-needed room, so you'll know if you get one of the bags I packed because it'll look like someone just took a rampage through a garage sale, dumping stuff in a cotton bag. Hmmm. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, big thanks already to Naomi for flat-packing a stack almost as high as my ceiling with me this week. Go and check out her pretty new blog look. She's fixed the stupid hacks now! It no longer takes you to websites that shall remain nameless....... (don't ya hate it when meddlesome computer geeks crack your firewall?)

And to finish off, a post from me this past month wouldn't be complete without mentioning.... Pepper. See what I did here? It's a brief little photo gallery, come and see me (and her) in our glossy-coated youth - we both had shinier manes back in the day. Sigh. Ah, Pep  :-) I know somewhere she's still smiling her teddy-dog smile.

Humour me, folks. That is all. And have a lovely weekend!  Chat next week.

"Love" - by Nancy Adams, from the movie "Robin Hood" (1973)

p.s. Did you spy Jazz as a pup??!?! Awwwwwwww!  And I should've warned you about the IVF needle shot, sorry...

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