Friday, October 21, 2011

I made a button! Was it a waste of time?

I missed the craze of button-making when it first happened a couple of years back. At the time, I didn't see my blog as being of any importance or relevance enough to make one. I wasn't a "this" blogger or a "that" blogger. I even made some for other people. But never my own.

The fact is, if I want to potentially reach further, I have to make it easier to find this blog. I have to make like the cool kids and do what they've done already. And I do want to reach a further audience for I have come to realise that this opportunity is what encourages me to persevere writing here. Delving into the depths of my compassionate self to dig up The Good Stuff (and in my line of focus, that centres around "life after infant loss, miscarriage and infertility") is not done lightly. So I may as well do all I can to share my experience in the trust that it reaches those who really need the solidarity today. At any moment.

It's been a funny thing, setting up this button. I realise the shift away from those things I used to write about often (and write through) is inline with my current point of healing - one, after all, cannot write about the same thing repeatedly forever, for that would show a lack of moving forward through a life experience - but it's not forgotten.

I am still intending to periodically dig out the old posts (I don't want to bombard or flood regular readers and I am sharply aware of this). But at the moment, I feel caught in a strange turnstile between readers who have been with the blog and my story for long enough that I don't need to rehash and new readers testing the blog out, probably wondering where all the deep, reflective writing is that I once did as a rule rather than the exception it has become.

So! Let's see if a button is something you want to pop on your blog/s. I feel like one of the kids who's trying to be cool in fashion that's 2.5 years behind the season it trended in. But that is me. I've always been the slow and steady (if not discerning) Tortoise.

There are many blogs these days who only list bloggers' buttons now and I have to admit, it's kinda cool to just click on an image and jump to blogs that way. Especially if you're a visual browser. So I just wanted to give the option to grab mine. Button, that is.... The code is in the sidebar:

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