Monday, October 3, 2011

DPCon2012 is GO for launch!

The website went live this morning and they're probably not going to last very long.

To say I am excited about next year's Digital Parents conference is putting it mildly. Aside from being absolutely thrilled to the back teeth to be involved in the organising - meet the Team here who is working hard to bring you a brand shiny new sparkling bloggers' event - here's my list of SQUEEEE's* so far:

• It's in my home town, Melbourne
C'mon, need I say more than that?!? My beloved city had better be kind with the weather on Friday March 30th, 2012, though, or else...

• There's going to be a trade Expo this time
Whaaat! I am really looking forward to this one - what's not to love about a collection of exhibitors all coming to see you?! It's like window shopping made easy. Huzzah! Not to mention the opportunity to put your face in front of so many brands. What a great chance to get a feel for how your blog can earn for you, if that's your bag (and particularly if you are new to blogging - fantastic introduction, I should imagine).

• The accommodation... the location! Stunning
I think Brenda outdid herself this time. No, I really do. I mean, what's NOT to love?! Have you seen the Sebel Albert Park? I'm hoping Mr Steve and I can get a sitter and make a weekend of it in our pretty city. Dreamy, hopeful sigh.

• I'm your Volunteer Coordinator!
Now, I've gotta say, I love this. I'm sure anyone who volunteers will feel glad and proud to be a part of this huge (and growing) community. Wanna come help? I am going to start a thread soon on the DP forum asking for volunteers to express interest. Thank you in advance if you're planning to! (I'll have a list of things I need hands and bods for - more info TBA soon, so keep your eye on the boards at DP)

• The badges. Are. Awesome.
That is all. Go get one! I'll wait....

• More bang for your conference dollah
There's a gala dinner included in the ticket price and a two-stream program with panel sessions, keynote presentations and discussions aplenty. Oh, and a chillout room which I have to say, is sounding pretty groovy already. We'll be spoiled for choice with what to do on the day!

• Meeting the rest of the people I ran out of time and/or confidence to meet at the ABC in Sydney
Yes, that probably includes you. And you too. Oh, I AM sorry! And if I had a dollar for every time someone said to me afterwards, "OH! Sunny Side Up is YOU?! I've chatted to you on Twitter for so long, I never realised!"...  I do deeply hope I am on my game enough to remember to meet/chat to you this time.

So, come! Sign up! You KNOW you don't want to miss it. It's going to be purely magical, I can tell already.

Got more questions?

*Okay, so more accurately, instead of a "squeeee" - because, in reality, I really don't make that sound when I am so excited that words fail me -  I will have to use my fallback expression of delirium. It is, quite simply, that sound of struggling to find the best word and can be illustrated by falling onto one's keyboard and then attempting to sound out all the letters, really fast. Like this:


Just don't ask me to repeat it when I see you at the Digital Parents conference, mmkay? I still have some public dignity.

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