Monday, January 18, 2010

Me Found Me Groove Again

Despite him not being the most favourite Muppet of mine (that place being forever taken by Grover, my ideal man - so refined and yet, willing to let his silly side out as evidenced by his badge in this picture-->>) I have to give Cookie Monster credit for lifting my chin over this past weekend.

I had a penchant for this [look, I could explain why but really you'd have to be inside my head soooo, just take it as a given, kthx] and, as mostly usual, the Tube delivered:

The remainder of Saturday and all of Sunday were then spent with either me, Steve or the LGBB breaking into "WHEEEEERE'S my cookeeeeeeeee? Help me find my cookie...... Please" endlessly, until the giggles came not so much from reminiscing the vid but from the fact that we couldn't get the farking song out of our heads. Even the LGBB (actually, she was the worst culprit) kept breaking into song wherever we were.

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