Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just in time for school: My own (belated) Mothers Day poem

I was cleaning the desk this morning and came across an exercise I have been meaning to complete. It's for the LGBB's kindergarten book her teacher has been compiling all year. It's a page where the mother has to write something to the child, their thoughts about the preschool year. In Lolly's book, there's a gaping page waiting for my contribution that was supposed to be made on/about Mothers Day back in May.

I have been putting it to the side. I think I've been in denial. I didn't want to even GO there. Of course, like so many stay-home parents, on some days I am climbing the walls to get away from the incessant nature of Lolly's grown-to-bursting inquisitiveness and hunger for stimulation and instinctive need to learn "stuff about stuff". Most days I roll with it. Some days I am far from civil about it.

Anyway, today was apparently the day where it all came spilling out of me. It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. And it came out as a poem... which is weird, because I don't write those.

When I think of all the moments
That stop and make me smile
They always feature you
When you were small for a brief while

If I could pause this time with you
Before you go to school
I'd make the most of it all again
With outings to the pool

And visits to the 'cino shop
Which is where you learned to sit
So quietly with such good manners
While we played "Ladies" for a bit

Sometimes all your friends might come
Again as they used to do
Scrapsy, Bunny, and a teddy or Horace
You've more than quite a few

I'd take you to the park again
Or the library with your bike...
And we can do all these things still
Just after school now if you'd like

You and I have spent so long
Together while you've been home
You have made my life complete
Much more than you could know

So thank you for your happy smile,
Always beaming as you go
The way you find the joy in things
Is a treat to watch, you know

Your little golden head
Belongs to a big girl now
It's your last year home with me
We made it! Let's both take a bow...

You've been such a treasure to mummy
So I would like to say
Thank you to YOU, my lovely girl,
On my happy Mothers Day

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