Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turn around and you're two, turn around and you're... 5

I shouldn't be here. I'm on such a strict limit with internet at the moment (I've probably well blown it now) but ack.... Apparently you just can't keep a blogger down!

Our little girl is five. Still can't quite believe it. And she is taking such great care of me this week, keeps putting a gentle arm around my neck because "mummy's voice is sore and then she lost it". Hmmmm. Perhaps if I stopped screaming at the cat, dogs, husband... whomever is getting under my feet as I try and both recover and prepare for her various party festivities this week. I'm not a very gracious sicky.

But enough about me!  Look at photos of her!  Where oh where did all the days go???

From then to now....

Happy birthday, our dear miracle "Lolly Lou".

On this day, in 2006.... all those fears I had dissolved into thin air. And colustrum.
My heart opened up a little bit more.
It didn't burst and it didn't forget the other little girl.

The writing fanatic. Experimenting with different fonts on her whiteboard last week...

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