Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes there are rainbows... and then there are RAINBOWS

Was worth getting rained on to capture this one while waiting at the lights yesterday!

I was never really into rainbows as a kid. I mean I liked them, sure. But I didn't squeeee with delight. After Ella died, I did not associate seeing one with her, although I do respectfully acknowledge that the identity is there for so many bereaved parents and partners of lost loved ones.

It's only been since having our Lolly - and her being such a rainbow fiend, possibly thanks largely due to this book (and the sentiment seems to be spreading, see how Lori @ RRSAHM finds them...) - that I have really stopped to wonder about rainbows. See the wonder in them. Marvel at how they actually occur. Appreciate their colours and the very many ways they bring cheer, particularly on dreary, ruddy awful, wet soggy cold days.

The most incredible rainbow I have ever seen in my life almost caused me the greatest car accident I've ever had in my life. A great honking double, unbroken rainbow, so completely commanding the sky that it even lightened the sky underneath it.

I mean, sure, there was this ace one I took one day (whilst doing 110km/h down the country freeway) but the one the LGBB saw on our way home yesterday was so astounding I had to pull the car over so we could gaze at it before it disappeared.

But it didn't disappear. And there were so many exclamations bouncing around the inside of our car that I don't know what was filling me with more joy: the LGBB's squealing adoration of it and pleas of Oh pleeeeease, mummy, can we get to the pot of gold, please, pleeeease, please, can we? as if today was surely her day - it did look so tantalisingly close - or the exquisitely bold colour spectrum. We could see so many colours in it.

I have to say, I was gobsmacked. Totally astounded. While we drove, the rainbow seemed to be coming from nowhere yet everywhere. It was literally coming off the glistening gum trees, all wetted down from the recently passed thunderstorm. And then as we mounted the crest of one of the tallest hills in the area, it was right before us. Settled on the roofs of houses below.

We could have looked at it much longer. But as we continued to drive, it eventually faded.

Never seen anything like it. It's the one you always think rainbows ought to look like when you think of A Darn Good Rainbow.  Textbook stuff.

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