Thursday, May 20, 2010

Universal Traveller

In honour of one my most all-time favourite ever songs - Universal Traveller (or, when I hear it sometimes, I hear "You need a soul traveller", especially when I am writing the book alongside Ellanor and listening to this album) - here is the music. I don't think they ever made a video clip for it?

I am universally travelling, peeps. Please excuse the slack posts lately. With sickies in the house, a business to maintain (my Lord, where did all the work suddenly come from!), a creative writing e-course to 'fill in my spare time' that's helping me keep my book-writing boundaries, and the last stage of our building/reno starting - the garage and office wall is up! - well, I am just one big blur of late.

Add to this a sudden flurry of productivity around the manuscript (heading into that elusive ruddy final 1/3 of the story, I've been waiting oh so long to put it down on 'paper') and I am spent. My creative quota is largely being slurped up by that, especially now I have my characters all worked out.

Normal programming should resume shortly. If not, can someone please make me a tall drink? Preferably with some vodka in it? Ever so much obliged.

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