Friday, December 23, 2011

O (artificial Hudson Pine from Target) Christmas Tree, O (you get the picture)

It's fake, yes. And yet..... its branches are so lovely.

When it came to putting up the tree a week ago, I stood looking at all 7 /12' of it and sighed a resigned, tired sigh. I knew I would be the one pulling most of the decorations off in just a few short weeks. It all just looked like more work to me.

So this year, we went minimal bling, maximum lights. And whaddaya know?

It. WORKS! Like, really, reeeeally well.

A few choice obligatory kinder-made decorations,
some Santa's, maybe a sparkly silver snowflake or ten...

This year we gave Lolly a sparkly glittery fairy with butterfly wings
(I give her a new ornament each year, she has 6 now!)

Less time to put up means far less time to take down. A few favourite decorations here, a few choice strings of beads there, add a shit-tonne of fairy lights and...

Voilé! Tree is done and delightful.

Now this time is really the last Christmas post! Have a lovely one, everyone xxoo

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