Monday, June 25, 2007

So... just tell me again?

Because sorry, I've forgotten. Just why exactly would we be expected to smoke the peace pipe with anyone who could not see past their own ruffled feathers to recognise someone in the throes of grief? And not only that, but rub salt in the wounds ever so subtlely by sending unnecessary anecdotes about blissful newborn antics mere months after I lost my own?

You know the type who appears all demure and attentive and giving? And all the while, you know damn well you're being played, specifically by the blatantly obvious messages you're being slipped when no one else is looking so they get to keep their noses clean, and regardless, you have no choice but to go along with it, for the sake of family peace?

I can attest with all certainty that, even had I not experienced the death of Ellanor, if someone I knew (family or otherwise) lost a child, I would give them the hugest break of all time. I just know I would. I know for a fact that others would too. I've seen people give me all the rein I needed (and those who didn't give that rein have cut themselves loose from our life) and I've heard enough stories now to know that there seems to be a mix of the two types: the ones who give you as much space as you need and cut you slack, at times gently guiding you back on track if you get a bit overly sensitive. No pointing out faults, just passive, peaceful giving-way until you get back to the path.

Why then, WHY, are they insistent on us putting "all of that" behind us? Chatting in passing about it the other night (as we are so over the subject and at peace with our decisions it's not worth rehashing specifics one more time), Steve and I could look back at the people we were and see plainly that all that was required was some more acceptance and allowance for our situation. We received neither... rather, we received only as much as some people could give. And that was nowhere near enough.

Now, 2 years after the fact, it seems there is still a need for 
meddling middle-players that they will put above anything else. That is, they would rather we come together and forgive all trespasses. At the expense of our feelings, recollections, pride, ongoing needs right now, whatever... I find it so ludicrous that I can't even look at them anymore.

I've had it up to *here* with hearing "Yes but some people are just not strong, they are just not able to cope with things like this" ... things like "this" being the death of our. Well, you know what? We had no real say either. It was sink or swim for us. Somehow, we swam. But when we were treading water for that first year or two, apart from not even being there, these people made it WORSE than it had to be.

And now you want me to WHAT??! Invite them to celebrate the first year of our second baby's life? Not in a million forevers, sorry.


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